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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Moving Bottom Bracket Recumbent

Front Wheel drive Moving Bottom Bracket Recumbent Bike....

which was made by adapting one of my fixed bottom bracket bikes.....

original layout was like this........

and a bottom bracket brazed to a headstem was the only part I had to make.

I have 2 of the fixed bottom bracket bike I usually ride and one of them is to muck around with as described here. Today I converted it to moving bottom bracket front wheel drive and did a few blockies on it.  Its ridable but I need to keep my knees about 30cm apart otherwise they will bang in to the steering bar.  I made a stem part to fix this: will post more later.


Steve Nurse
Monday December 10

This is the bike with the changed stem, it is now rideable without holding my knees apart but the stem and pedal bracket is a bit wobbly.  Nevertheless its much better to ride than yesterday, and quite a bit of fun.  I can turn fairly tight corners and still keep my shoes clicked in to the pedals.

Will post more as the design evolves.

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