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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Some Shopping

New large mug is the recent addition ("bet you can't make it" ie drink this much beer)  to my small collection of tacky glasses made from brown glass bottles...

which are a part of my collection.......

of articles celebrating drinking, smoking and sloth.

Christmas presents (cacti in cute coffee mugs etc.) ....

From a garage sale.
Not much to say here.  My Saturday morning errands took me past several Garage sales and into several others where as usual I bought some junk.  No, not junk, wonderful stuff I will treasure forever.  Anyway, at one such sale they were selling cacti in coffee cups (with saucers and boxes) which I thought quite cute.  Returning later in the day with my wife Christine we bought about 7 of them.  Christmas shopping for my Mum & Dad, Auntie, Edith, Lynn, John, Claire all sorted!  Lynn and John, Claire, if you read this before the Christmas gathering you have to at least feign interest and surprise.  You owe it to us, we did the hard yards.  Revealing all in a pre Christmas blog makes no difference.

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