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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Geelong Races November 11

A tricked up Performer Highracer, one of the spectators' bikes

Mike K. crosses the line

Swapping bikes & chatting

Headquarters Tent

Graham S. in Rotovelo

Damian H. in full flight on his Challenge Hurricane

On the Sunday just gone, ozHpv held a second race event in Geelong.  We had a small but enthusiastic racing contingent and many onlookers and enthusiastic volunteers.  Robert W's "Be spon" contingent of 3 trikes and a bike joined us for a chort time at the start.

   Graham S. was the star of the show, winning both of the distance events despite keen competition from Mike King, and despite riding a lazy 60k there and 60k back from Newport to attend.  Mike King had a spill on the Cruzbike Vendetta attempting to overtake Graham on one of the last turns of the 3 lap race.  His elbow and leg were patched up and he carried on as if nothing had happened afterwards.  "Used to it as a bike racer", he said!

It was good to see Ballarat's Mike Bear again and he won the slalom and was enthusiastic trying out lots of other bikes.

Sig from  Clifton Springs came along with a very nice bike and trike for sale.  He was really keen on the slalom and took to it like a 5 year old kid,  with a huge grin on his face after attacking the course with gusto and lifting a wheel at every opportunity.

We had a bit of drama on the way home, the front roof rack wasn't secure and flipped over the top of the car with the bike still attached.  No real harm done but a bit of a scare and a lesson learnt.

(Wise man say,  "if thou be so foolish as to carry a recumbent bicycle with tail fairing on the roof of ones car, maketh bloody well sure the tail fairing is at the back otherwise lift from said tailfairing will  dislodge said bicycle and potentially cause much heartache, grief, and chipping of paintwork"  Here endeth the lesson.)

Look forward to more Geelong ozhpv events in the future, this was as fine a way to spend a Sunday afternoon as I know.  Big thanks to Christine who held the fort at the reception desk all day.

PS Go Graham on Eastlink this Sunday!

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