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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bikes and Rickshaws in Thailand, Part 3

This post shows a slightly more human side to the bikes in Bangkok / Nonthaburi.  After visiting a small enclave where there are rickshaws a few times I thought I recognised some of the drivers and in fact I hired the driver shown in these photos a couple of times over a weekend.  The fare for a short ride was 10 baht or about 30c but I paid top dollar of 20 baht for my rides, and by the end of the rides he was my old mate.

The drivers seem to have a regular route up and down one particular street between main bus routes and small roadside markets and shops. They don't stray too far and in some directions, large roads and expressways (which aren't broken up by traffic lights) stop these samlors in their tracks anyway. I'd be interested to know where the other Samlor enclaves around the joint are.

   Its a lot of fun riding down the road in a quiet vehicle with only the regular squeak of a wheel or birdsong as an accompaniment. Thankfully for the riders its all flat in Nonthaburi and the single speed but very cool clunkers are up to the job. The flatness has a bad side though, last year's floods inundated vast swathes of Nonthaburi. I made a short video, it is here.

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