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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bikes and Rickshaws in Thailand Part 1

A bike ridden by a bean (snack food ) seller at a small pub in  Nonthaburi  (Bangkok)
New versions of the sorts of town bike favoured by Thais.  Prices I saw were about 900 baht, about 30$ aus 

The snack seller's wares.  Very hot chilly was added by some at the table to make eating the beans a Russian Roullette 
A nice town Bike (Nonthaburi)

Up Country in Prachinburi

Nonthaburi, a pub opposite the factory where I work

Kustom!  A bike in Nonthaburi


I am writing from the Richmond Hotel, in the province of Nonthaburi,  Thailand.  I'm here on a work trip but that has not stopped me getting out and about and attempting to track down unusual bicycles.  After a few days of seeing mainly standard (hardworking Utility) cycles I had almost given up finding any cycle rickshaws (samlor) after I didn't see any on a trip west to the province of Prachiburi. But my hotel room changed and I got a different view of nice looking gardens (over an expressway) and decided to head in that direction on my day off.  And some success, I will post more later!



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