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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bikes and Rickshaws in Thailand Part 2

Passenger Samlor
Street Vender on a main street

One of the many types of Samlor
From the back of a Samlor
Under the canopy of a Samlor
Samlor driver outside a Nonthaburi house

Here are some more results of my treks into the smaller streets of Nonthaburi in search of rickshaws.  I found most of this activity in the streets to the west of the Richmond Hotel .  The Richmond Motel is right on a big road and massive expressway and rail construction site.  There are only 2 ways to the other side, one is to drive about 3k up the road, do a u-turn and come back and the other is a footbridge.  Most of the rickshaw activity is on a street parallel to the expressway about a kilometre away.  There's a street lined with shops and when I went up there, there was a market, and I saw food vending and passenger Samlor, plying there trade mostly up and down the 3k strip.  Some of the food vending duties are done by small hand carts.  I have more photos, I have some videos and will post these in due course.


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