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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Newest Patent Application

A piece about a patent application from New Scientist magazine.

Over the years I have made several applications for patents and have a granted patent application for my Modular Bike.  For me they are not a way of making money and possibly never will be, but if I feel I've invented something, I like to lay claim to that invention. Filing for a patent application is possibly the only way to do that, a proof of invention that can be tested in a court of law. 

Patenting is often a middle step between invention and commercialization, it gives inventors some commercial protection and allows them to pursue their dreams without their invention being stolen or plageurised.  The inventor's aims can range from making and manufacturing something useful which benefits mankind all the way through to  retiring on royalty checks, drinking on a remote tropical beach.  Usually there's a bit of both of these!

There is a discipline involved in applying for a patent which involves drawing and describing the invention in unambiguous detail.

As of a few days ago,  some parts of my latest patent application have been published on the internet in the form of a competition entry.  It's a way of getting publicity for the invention, I might even do well in the competition.

Here is the link  to the competition entry relating to my latest patent application.  The patent concerns useful packaging for cycles.

Sofar, I have been to Watermark patent attourneys discussing the application and poked my head in the door at Corex, a fluteboard manufacturer.  Also , Alan Ball from and I have a conversation about intellectual property every now and then as we procede along Melbourne bike paths.  Thanks to everyone who as given me advice!

If you are interested in talking to me about useful packaging for cycles, please contact me,
steve the@symbol

Best Wishes

Steve Nurse

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