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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ewan Nurse: Portal 2 v. National Bicycle Game


On the same day last week, a few parcels arrived in the mail, one addressed to my son Ewan, the other to me.  Both happened to be games, mine (the historic National Bicycle Board Game) had come from Albury through ebay, Ewan's ("Portal 2" Playstation video game)  was ordered through an overseas website.  Anyway, very different games but I managed to capture Ewan trialling the games on film.  Or on silicon or whatever digital photos get stored on.  So here are the photos.  Ewan's comments on the games follow after the photos


 The main problem with the board game is that unlike more complex games (such as Monopoly or Cluedo) that need some level or decision making and tactics, the National Cycle Board Game only requires the player to role the dice. A cat is just as good a player as an adult. Portal 2 on the other hand asks a lot more from the player. It needs problem solving, trial and error and some level of hand-eye motor skills in order the solve the puzzles and move through the world. And, despite the common criticism that video games are an anti-social venture, this can be played multi-player either online or with a second controller, requiring team skills and communication to solve the ever more difficult puzzles.

National Cycles was fun, but short lived, with most of the entertainment coming in the form of the banter between players. Portal 2 provided both this discussion between people in the room and was engaging in it's own right.

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  1. Hi, Nice review of National Cycle Board game and Portal 2. Although I don't think it will sway me enough to go out and buy either one.