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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Every1s a Winner, Babe

A while ago I bought John's phones for my wife and myself.  These are very simple mobile phones, they don't do texting, they don't take photos, they don't run apps, they don't send you emails or let you twitter or facebook or surf the f*&^ing internet,  they just make phone calls and do a reasonable job of it. 

We are fairly new to mobile phones and mine is just coming into infrequent use now.  So few people ring me that I usually know who's ringing me without looking at screens or anything!

Well anyway, my phone has been dwelling in the bottom of my backpack for a while and it gets hit by things and rubs against things and starts to look a bit down at heel  ("everything I own gets battered in the end" I said to someone once) and eventually I get to thinking maybe a case would be good for this phone.  This is just mostly idle speculation (like "I would like to surf Pipeline one day") until I started sorting through a few old  music cassettes I own and tried fitting my John's phone into the cases.  Lo and behold, the phone almost fits in some of them and with a bit of persistance I find one where it does fit with only a small amount of modification.  The photos tell the story.  This makes me so far behind I am in front, or so far ahead I am behind.  I don't care.  Am waiting for the day when the cassette rings when its sitting on the table proviking the response:  "Steve, you're cassette's ringing" as in "Max Your Shoe's ringing"

See Photos below. PS, there is a commercial, cassette-like cover for the i-phone 4, see here.



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