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Saturday, April 29, 2023

Speedwell Rescue


As traded, this was the bike on april 9 with steel wheels and cranks.

New temporary home at Wecycle until....

it is sold or.......

given to someone who needs it.

Left over parts from the donor vehicle include this nice shifter.....

and brakes, brake levers, stem and derailleur.


Pics from my latest bike resto project. From Stu a few doors down, I had a large frame vintage racing bike with 27" wheels but frame damage around the headstem. And I put that aside and waited for a bike to come along that I could steal the bits for. 

That happened on April 9 when a dumped Speedwell Classique 10 bike came up on the local Good Karma network for free. This bike may be Australian made, its certainly from an Australian company.

I was able to swap over cranks and wheels from the damaged bike to make the bike viable. Brake levers and a seatpost came from the shed. Cranks are a particular improvement, they went from steel cotter pin to aluminium square taper in one go.

Today I rode the bike up to the Wecycle charity where it will be passed or sold on. Often I'd ride 2 bikes up to Wecycle and ride one back, but I'm still recovering from a bike accident and taking things easy, I caught the tram home. Still have a few nice bits and pieces from the vintage bike.

Regards  Steve Nurse


Steve Nurse

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