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Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Winter Surf Prelude 2



Kennet River, a highlight.

The Rosellas at Kennet were very friendly and I was able to feed them by hand. A welcome stop for recovery.

On the way back, there's a rainbow here if you look hard.

Stopped for a break and drink here, near Cathedral rock. Nice light.


Today I did some prep for a 200k Audax bike ride I plan to do in just under 2 weeks, and I repeated the longest training ride I did before my last 200k ride (a few photos at the end of a post here). This time I took my recumbent leaning trike which I think is a bit slower and heavier than the quite similar bike I also ride.

It was raining today, but everything went fine up to Wye River where unfortunately I fell on some steps while walking to the toilets.  I walked down the steps blissfully unaware and not holding onto the railings. The steps were as slippery as soap, and I fell on my back and elbow.  

My back swelled up with a bruise which hurt a bit when I sat back in the seat. On my forearm, I reopened a wound I got falling off a bike a week or so ago. Also ouch!  Anyway, I kept going, found some shelter and respite at Kennet, then headed back. I got back to Airies Inlet ok, if a bit slowly.  

Hopefully no more accidents on the ride or any rides leading up to it. Enough drama for now!

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