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Monday, July 25, 2022

Spinup Dyno Tests / Winter Surf prelude 1


Setup in computer room includes bike on trainer with front wheel drive and dyno, and


D light square light image

D Light, about $36.00, lights up at about 15kph

Flat Hi Power light image

Hi - Power Light, about $65, includes standlight, and daylight sensor,  and lights up at about 7kph

Busch and Muller rear light......

is about $65 and has reflector and standlight. It lights up at about 7kph.


As described in my last post, I have fitted a spinup R03W dyno to my recumbent bike, and hope to test it in an Audax ride in a few weeks time.  A few nights ago I set up my bike on a training stand in the computer room, and went through a few lights I'd bought to see how they went with the dyno. 

As well as the bike, stand and lights, I had a new Giant Axact 6 wired speedo connected up to the bike. I could turn the pedal by hand, see the lights light up by dyno energy, and find out what speed they lit up, as well as check any standlight (light remains on without any new energy from dyno) function. Lights all came from Bicycle Parts Warehouse. They are a good local supplier, but you may be able to find cheaper prices elsewhere. 

Results are above. I am happy to use the Hi-Power light, and eventually the Busch and Muller rear light as well. Will report later as I start to use the lights on the road.  Its important to note the bike I tested parts on uses a 500mm (20") diameter wheel whereas most bikes use a 700mm diameter wheel, so light up speeds will be higher for these bikes.


Steve Nurse

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