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Sunday, July 12, 2020

V-Brake Mod


Frayed Cable Inner was replaced.

V-brake after.

Since getting back from Cobram, I've done a bit of work on my trike, cleaning off the artwork (ok, muck) on the side of the bike for example. A slightly bigger change has been to finally fix the V-brakes. I had a puncture in the Cobram Audax ride, and it was fiddly to reinstall the front wheel because the brake cable reaches the V-brake collar from below, and its meant to come from above. So I carefully removed the small pins holding the V-brake collars and replaced them with bolts.  Now it should be possible to remove the noodles from the V-brakes when there are punctures.

As well I got 2 new front tyres from the Melbourne Bicycle Centre. They sell the Byk bike which was the donor machine for much of this trike and so have a reasonable selection of tyres that suit the 450mm 20" rim. 

So quite happy to have the bike back on the road. Its got its fairing on now so is cabable of a reasonable turn of speed.


Steve Nurse

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