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Thursday, July 23, 2020


Original from 8 years ago
New trike to be like on this one with a new front end.

Stem for 31.5mm handlebars holds bottom bracket cartridge with threaded cups removed. I originally used this type of stem here.  You can do strange adjusments with it, like quickly change the bottom bracket height and sideways position

A few parts. White forks donated the head tube bearings for the new bike. Centre part is timber frame for front of trike with bearings. Black fork will be used on new trike.

Hammering the wooden bearing holder into aluminium rhs frame

All the parts

Parts in place, testing transmission.  The cranks moves with the steering.

Frame clamped to plywood board for testing.


Several years ago I, had a go at making a moving bottom bracket front wheel drive bike based on a fixed bottom bracket bike I had made. And now years later simple leaning trikes are my recumbent of choice, and I am going through roughly the same process, making a new trike this time, but with so many old parts lying around its not really all that hard.

Pics above show progress to date, I'm quite pleased!  With Melbourne in coronvirus lockdown more than the rest of the country, I have to do something to keep the brain ticking over. Will report more later.


Steve nurse 


  1. 'Recumbent of choice' makes sense to me. Have you got central locking for the leaning?

    1. Hi Randall No, I don't have central locking on the leaning. The whole idea is to make a simple vehicle, one that doesn't even need a split in the frame for the back wheel. The inventor Vi Vuong posted videos to a web page and its a reasonable place to start, regards Steve Nurse

  2. If you melted down all those milk crates you could make a Rotovelo.

    1. Hadn't thought of that! Maybe a Rotovelo 2 even! Will just go and have a chat to Ben.... Meanwhile it works ok as an outdoor workbench.