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Monday, February 17, 2020

Peugeot NS Rear Brakes and Stand

Steel plate (rusty brown) bolted across existing brake bosses to mount centre mount, centre pull brakes.

Another view

Stand in original condition with a weld across the 2 plates at top right.

Weld removed to weaken the stand, and stand bent to fit new frame height from new smaller wheels.

Strength put back into stand with braze welding.

All back together.

Stand in place and doing its job.

We are up to about test ride number 5 now, a trip to get Thai Takeaway and

to the grog shop attached to a local pub. Milk crate is not permanent at this stage as it is held on a bit flakily for this short term job by velcro.
More progress on the Peugeot NS22 from the past few days. Vastly sophisticated with 2 brakes and a stand now! More follows here.

regards  Steve Nurse

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