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Friday, February 21, 2020

Peugeot NS Load Carrying

451 tyres for Byk bikes are available from a very local bike shop for only $20.00. The catch is they have a low weight limit (50kg) and are low pressure (45psi). But I am frepared to give them a crack. Newly shod for $40.00!

Making a timber piece for the back rack.  I made a small steel bracket to go with this part. Really the timber won't stand up to too much stress so the bracket should help.

Drilling the timber piece for the back rack. This setup on the big drill ensures the hole for the front is drilled square.

Everything in place, it just needs brazing. Its intended a milk crate be plonked on top.

A bit more detail

Not much to say here. The Peugeot NS22 came with a front rack but nothing on the back, and here is what I'm doing for it. There is a bit more brazing, screwing and drilling to be done before its finished, and I will post pics. More follows here.

Regards  Steve Nurse

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