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Friday, August 9, 2019

Some Klapprads Part 2


In the last week I have worked on my Velocino (small bicycle). I made it by making half of a separating bike to bolt on to a back-half folding bike by Victoria cycles and blogged about it recently here .  So its done and painted now, and fitted with a Massload Kickstand obtained through Rev Bikes in Nunawading.

I have been out a few times on it, most recently to survey a site for a traffic action group I volunteer for. It rides well, has 2 gears to choose from via a Sturmey S2C hub. The hub has back pedal brakes built in, all that is needed. Its fun to ride although steep hills and very long rides are out I think.  Its good to ride "all the bike that is needed" in size terms at least for the short distances. It weighs about 16kg, very hefty for such a small bike. But I like it.

Regards  Steve Nurse

Update, Aug 10

I was at the Fitzroy library in the week but didn't have my camera. Remedied that today to catch the soon to be grown over fixie on my way to Wecycle.  Regards

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