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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Greenspeed in Action

Trailing behind Richard on GS

Fraser and Richard after surfing

Fraser and Cic

Fraser, Richard, Cic


Cic, Fraser

Cic, decapitated Fraser


Rich, Fraser, Abby, Cic

Rich, Fraser, Abby, Cic

Rich, Cic, Me, Abby

Sarah, Fraser, tame Cockatoos

My brother Richard and partner Sarah have been visiting from England, and 2 of his 3 kids, Cicely and Fraser, and Fraser's girlfriend Abby all came down from Northern New South Wales, all for the occasion of my Mum's 90th birthday. We had a few days together at Airey's Inlet and everybody got to try out the newly acquired Greenspeed trike as well as the other odds and sods of bicycles that were at our accommodation.  One of my friends Mick said I was going over to the dark side (cycles others have made) by riding the Greenspeed but I don't think that's the case.  Its more like me introducing others to the dark side (recumbents in general) which is really not that dark.  Most people can't help but enjoy riding the Greenspeed.


Steve Nurse

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Yet Another Recumbent Bike Pedal Hack

The plan, I do this sort of sketch before making a printed part

How it looks from the front
The grammage damage, old pedal plastic about 30g, new pedal plastic about 20g, pedal itself about 190g

How it looks from behind.

Pedals are for this beastie, a trike originally belonging to Eric Butcher but passed on to Simon Watt and now in my care.

I have made another pair of reflector holders for a recumbent, this time I bought some pedals from Mike Wa and 3d printed the full reflector mounts. This is unlike my last efforts when I printed none and only a little bit of the surround. This design uses the reflector inserts from the original pedals.

I've been thinking a bit about whether recumbent bike pedals with reflectors as would work as a product, and I reckon , well maybe!  There is recumbent specific clothing, but maybe recumbent specific pedals would have to cover a lot of bases to sell well, by providing clip in reflector pedals for recumbents, heal support for recumbents, clip in reflector pedals for uprights and platform reflector pedals for uprights all in the one package. Here is a page from a new supplier in Queensland, but they don't mention bike shoes and clipless pedals.

Kervelo are doing that sort of thing, increasing their potential for sales and possible commercial success by putting their gearbox design in both upright (standard bottom bracket position) and recumbent (front wheel drive, in-hub gearbox) bikes.


Steve Nurse

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

World Bike Day 2018

At Batman Park before leaving, had a bit of time before Mick and James arrived to take a timer-shot selfie or two.

Mike and James at Batman Park

Camberwell market, near where I'd grown up in Hawthorn East.  As I related to Mick and James, I'd visited this market as a kid when.....

"Mrs. Stay-put" (Mary-Ann Campigli) held out against developers, refusing to sell her property and let it become a car-park.
The hustle, the bustle. (A bit busier than a few days earlier, anyway)  A brace of Brompton riders gather at the Hawthorn Bike track for World Bike Day.

A few friends at the track, left to right Graham Signorini, Peter Signorini, Adrian Cox

Robert Patterson with his homebuilt tour easy.  Robert has made a string of recumbents from plans and now has an electric recumbent as well as this one. He had ridden on early Melbourne ozhpv rides, see photos below. 

Glenn (at right in orange helmet) and his Greenspeed trike

Part of the festivities, 1920's track bike v. Penny farthing race.

Robert Patterson.  Helmet free is one of his things these days.

Robert, the winner!  This was shortly after the collapse of the blow up finish-line.....thing.

James and Mike, my bike centre of velodrome.
Circa 1998 on Warburton-Lilydale trail, Robert Patterson centre in yellow helmet......

on his lurid Pink homemade Thunderbolt Trike......

here, Paul Sims of Greenspeed checks it out.

Sunday was World Bike Day and I spent it with new friends Mick and James at Batman park where we all volunteer for Wecycle .  We rode over to near where I grew up in Hawthorn for visits to the Camberwell market. (Still a few bargains to be had, bit of construction has gone on) and World Bike Day Celebrations at the Hawthorn Velodrome.  Here are some photos, as well as the new ones, I dragged out some old ones from Google image search and my film photo archive in the blue box under the bed.

Thanks to Bicycle Network for the organising and fun day out, and to ride companions Mike and James.


Steve Nurse

Saturday, June 2, 2018

A Birthday Ride

A bike park rack designed by my supervisor, Robbie.

He has asked for feedback on the facility.

Newly completed facilities at the (empty) Hawthorn Bike track. An international bike day celebration is planned for tomorrow though, should be a bit busier.

Some new panels under construction for my bike which I will use tomorrow: "Classic Transport" is the name of the fabric and

........   its definitely Australian, this is a Holden FJ Ute.

Timber template for panels, I tried to leave a 25mm margin all round.

My wife Christine on sewing duty, I earned the 100k Audax badge on this ride. 

Panels covering corflute and ready to be clipped on to the trike.
Probably the next set of panels I will do will be from blue t-shirts and a flyer from BFF (Bicycle film festival) 2009.
Hi, Wednesday was my birthday (58) and I know commiserations are due, but honestly, I don't feel a day over 80! Actually I feel a lot better than that and I'll just keep on ignoring my age in years for as long as I can.

So on Wednesday I needed to return a computer on loan to me from Monash Uni, and I did that, parking at a bike rack my Master's degree supervisor had designed.  Since then, on and off I have been working with my wife Christine on some new panels for the side of my trike to be ready for a short ride to International Bike Day Celebrations on Sunday.  No, I did not make this up.  Will report on Sunday's ride but all for now!


Steve Nurse

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Big Al Rides 200

My helmet visor broke just before the ride....

and this was the fix, replacing support from the visor with....

support from 2 cut-up tent poles.

Bike Path near Maribyrnong River

Mick Creati, using his phone as a camera, or maybe a bluetooth speaker control

View over Melbourne

Robert Wilkinson near Maribyrnong

Shepherd Bridge, Footscray, Mick's speaker is pumping out Reggae Tunes

Gravel Trail, Upper Maribyrnong

Maribyrnong River
The map!  200k on bike paths around Melbourne

Last Saturday I finished a 200k Audax bike ride around Melbourne organised with great aplomb by Robert Wilkinson.  Besides Robert, I was the only repeat offender returning from the 115 k ride a few weeks before.

A day or two before the ride I smashed my helmet visor and did a quick but satisfactory repair on it the night before.  All traces of the original yellow helmet visor were removed and I used bits from a fibreglass tent pole to support the corflute - and cable tie visor.  Works well sofar.  The gap between visor and helmet lets air through, especially important at speed when the helmet can flip up because of trapped air.  For a while during training I was riding my recumbent without a mirror, and I was ok with this but found myself riding on quieter paths and avoiding turns across traffic on busy roads.  As well, on the Kew Boulevarde which is a common training track for Melbourne cyclists, I wouldn't see or see or hear cyclists coming up behind me, so they would just overtake, and I couldn't stress or react about someone approaching from behind.

So anyway, the 7am start at Box Hill was easy to get to, I only had one pair of gloves and got very cold hands in the first part of the ride, but it soon warmed up.  Our first leg was back to Westmeadows Bakery, and then on to new territory for me, along the Western Ring Road bike path , then down a steep drop to the upper parts of the Maribyrnong.  I was a bit behind on the gravel roads but able to stay near the front on the flat smooth paths leading along the river to the city. Mick Creati who was with Graham Signiorini and me on an Oppy ride had a buetooth speaker pumping out Dad rock from his bike.

When we got to the Shepherd bridge near the city the tune was Bob Marley, and as a sucker for music, I started to sing "It was a funky Reggae Party / in de middle of de bridge / Mister can you pass me dat spliff" and dansce a bit.  Later on, wizzing down beach road it was "Anarchy in the UK", and leaving the Mordialloc Beachside Caf it was "Throw Your arms Around Me".

So it was pretty easy going from the Maribyrnong all the way up to Carrum where we turned on to a gravel trail leading to Dandenong.  Slightly hard going for me, and I punctured 15 or so k from Carrum.  All the others waited for me while I fixed the puncture, but I was a bit of dumbass for a while and was unable to locate my 20" tube even though I had tied it to the lid of my tailbox.  Anyway, got there in the end, and headed off to Dandenong and a middle-eastern cafe for late afternoon tea / dinner.   The light was fading as we headed onto bike paths for the last leg home.  I was a bit slow up the hills and a couple of us were lagging a bit, but the for the last 10 or so k, Robert always kept us in his rear view mirrors so checked we didn't fall off the back and lose the way. Very Grateful for that!

Thanks for organising the ride, Robert, see you next time.


Steve Nurse

Update, June 6, 2018

My Brevet Card and selected bling of choice arrived back from Audax control central, here is the pic.