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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Fringe Furniture Bump-in, Bump-out


Bump out on my recumbent

Bit of breathing space outside a local cafe

One of the other entries

Trades hall becomes a studio

Bump in part 2

Bump in part 1

Dress rehearsal at home

Its come around to Fringe Furniture time again, and this coronavirus year, the festival has gone online. We were given the option to opt out once it was cancelled but I have hung in there. And today was bump-in, bump-out day, (or just plain filming) day, and it was pretty easy for me compared to last year.

So I was able to pack up my exhibit in a milk crate, and then plonk it on my Avanti Illusion crate bike, then meander in at the right time to offload. A few hours later I headed back in on the recumbent, photography having been done.  Will post when the online exhibition is on, I think it begins on the 12th of November, here is the link.

Thanks Brigit for all the wrangling!


Steve Nurse

Monday, November 2, 2020

Coming out of lockdown


Peugeot PL24, a very cool donation to Wecycle which

came in the same batch as this one, a


The top bars are not part of the bikes, they are used to mount the bike to a car towbar.

Another Wecycle bike, a Bennett

The crew, group photo 1

The crew, group photo 2

Peter Matthews on the boulie (Kew Boulevarde).


Melbourne is slowly coming out of lockdown now and soon (weehoo) we will be able to travel more than 25k from home. Meanwhile against a background of 0 coronavirus cases nationally in the last 24 hours and 0 deaths, things are already opening up. Shops are open including volunteer run groups such as op shops and our Wecycle bike recycling shed. 

First day back was Saturday, a few pics from the day are above courtesy Simon Batterbury.

And until a week or so ago, the limit on travel from home was 5k. This didn't worry me much as we have some good riding and shops within that distance.  But today, I saw an "out of towner" on the boulie, my friend Peter who I've ridden with in Audax.  He had limited himself to rides around Box Hill during lockdown and got to know the regular riders on his local bike tracks. 



Steve Nurse


Friday, October 30, 2020

That's the way that it goes


Email exchange with Moz, 2003

Me with Very, 2003

Very with dog, 2020

do dah, do dah, do dah,

That's the way that it goes,

Everybodies making little baby clothes.

So we are still in lockdown in Melbourne, and although we are now allowed to travel an entire 25k from home now, I have still not been much further than the previous limit of 5k for several months now,  and am managing to cope.  My son and his wife are expecting a baby, and last Sunday, some of my Mum's home made baby supplies were here, so I rang Ewan first and asked if it was ok to drop them off, and it was. So of course as I ride I'm singing Gillian Welch and David Rawlings song, "That's the way that it goes"

So that was last Sunday's exercise, a trip to Parkville, dropping off supplies, shopping on the way home, pick up more supplies.

And I met my friend Very in Aldi with his dog.  He had wanted to go to New Zealand for a holiday, mainly to let his faithful companion dog run around a lot and hunt possums as a thank you present to the dog.  And to let the dog be a dog.

 But he couldn't go because of Coronavirus lockdowns, and was a bit down about that. Anyway, as you can see from the photos, not much has changed since 2003, Very wears crazy clothes, I ride crazy bicycles. That's the deal.


Steve Nurse


Monday, October 19, 2020

A helmet for Anthony

Anthony checks out and

approves his new helmet.

Woohoo, this is what I got as a trade-in, a daggy old Scott Aspen helmet.

The tyres

A while ago I started thinking about giving my homeless friend Anthony one of my mirror helmets, as we had been discussing mine, and he quite liked it. A tipping point came a few weeks ago when my son and daughter in-law brought over a lot of their old bike junk - mainly 29" tyres  - but also a helmet. Their first child is due in a few weeks and the bike room is becoming a babies room!

Anyway, the helmet - aha, perfect for Anthony!   I searched through my piles of 3d printed stuff and found some orange mirror sides and had fun putting the visor and mirror onto the helmet. And Anthony is happy. The visor stls and design can be found here


Steve Nurse




Thursday, September 17, 2020

Riding in Lockdown


Arrival at Wecycle with 2 bikes and a Bickerton. One I had picked up, the other fixed up.

, and Bickerton out of the bag for the trip home.

Keeping up with family, the first of a few video conferences I've done with Mum, Dad and my brother, son and nieces and nephews.

Nooooooh!  Op shops still closed.

Slightly busted and possibly abandoned bike outside savers.

Matt Ben with his Penny farthing and my bike on the Kew Boulevarde.

Anthony at The Hive shopping centre. I'm fixing his bike for him

 and gave him a loaner


Hi, a few photos of riding in lockdown. Some of my rides have been ferrying bike around the place for Wecycle and work in the spirit of Wecycle. Other days I just go up and do laps of the Kew Boulevarde which is coupled with a shpping trip. Downhill I'm quite quick on the Boulevarde, passing most people but on the flat and uphill I get passed a lot.

Current project is finishing the bike for a homeless gentleman Anthony. It was on its last legs with both brakes not working and a puncture. Mostly fixed now, I hope to true the wheels so the brakes don't rub tomorrow.


Anthony happy with his refurbed bike.

Update Sep 24 fixed and delivered now.


Best Wishes


Steve Nurse



Monday, September 7, 2020

Publication News

Andrew Dressel on the Panthertrike tilting trike.


When I was studying at Uni for a Master's degree a few years ago it was part of my job to publish articles and visit conferences. This was a big catch up as I had worked all of  my professional life in private industries and visiting and especially presenting at external conferences wasn't part of the culture. So uni mkII an few years ago (mkI engineering degree was in the 1980's) sort of turned me on to scientific publishing. 

I've been researching for a new edition of my book and so clicking all over the internet for stuff and eventually found this article from the University of Milwaukee Wisconsin which was presented at this conference and saw some of  my work quoted at least in picture form. So I found a mistake in the article and wrote to Andrew Dressler about it and he wrote back and we had an amicable conversation. Here's a bit of our emails.

From Stephen Nurse


I'm in the process of reading your article here. First of all, nice work, there's a lot of detail there and I hope the project is a success for you. 

I found a few mistakes related to my work. Its not really a big deal but if corrections could be put into the paper it would be appreciated and it would probably help the paper overall. Fig 2 shows leaning trikes which are both my NLT's, neither of them are Vi Vuongs and this should be fixed one way or the other. For examples of Vi's work see here , you might have to do frame grabs to get whole pictures of trikes.

None of my work is cited in the article but I think this article (talks about crank length and has a pic of Vi) would cover it.

If you're interested, the whole of my trike design is on thingiverse, here is the link
If you have any questions please ask!

Regards Stephen Nurse BE Mech M Des

Mr. Nurse,

It is great to hear from you and thank you for kind words and fine contributions to the field. Thank you for the link to the Thingiverse!

I apologize for the mistakes and will do the best I can to get them corrected.

I also apologize for somehow not citing your work. It was purely a knuckle-headed mistake on my part and in no way is meant to be disrespectful.

I am relieved to see that I managed at least to cite your work in our recent ASME paper, which I have attached. Sadly, it does repeat the Fig 2 error.

Meanwhile, Mr. Pierson and Ms. Shortreed have graduated and moved onto exciting and lucrative careers. Happily, Mr. Van Asten is still with us and hoping to make some progress in the coming year, despite how badly and embarrassingly we have bungled our handling of the pandemic. Wish us luck.

Andrew Dressel, PhD
Departments of Mechanical and Civil Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee"

So all very polite talking to Andrew and good to see some of my work having an impact. The Panther Trike website is here. Good luck with your research !

Proposed Kretschmer bike and the min and max developments his proposed gearbox brings. (Snip from my article for this velomobile seminar based on the Kretschmer article here . )
 And I've written for a Velomobile seminar, and also to Jeremy Garnet from Velotegra.  But only 3 articles were received for the seminar sofar, so its in limbo a bit. 
Michaux Bicycle, Bantam Geared Hub Bicycle from the 1800s and their effective wheel sizes in blue. 

 Anyway, I'm quite pleased with how the diagrams came out.  I'm quite a visual / experiential / doing person and these circles made a bit of sense to me, more than a spreadsheet table would.  Look forward to revising and eventually publishing the new article.

Regards  Steve Nurse