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Thursday, November 1, 2018

In Darwin

Darwin velodrome is near the airport and I....

.....snapped this lady practicing cyclocross in the centre of the field.

Slightly dodgy bike path on the way to the airport.

The load carrying.....


A presentation from Steve Rogers from the Centre for Appropriate technology was about their mobile phone signal magnifiers.  These are installed in remote communities and allow mobile phone access beyond the normal range of existing networks.  They are completely passive and don't need power of any sort to run. The installation shown in the pic was installed at a remote location called Boggy Hole on the Finke river where (the name says it all) Southerners who didn't know how to drive their 4wd's would get bogged and ask the ladies for assistance. The phone magnifiers gave them mobile phone coverage

Posters at the.....

Darwin Outdoor Cinema.

Lisa at the croc zoo where the dinner was held amidst.....

the raucous squawking of these birds overhead.
At the croc zoo, Abraham Leung right, Alexa Delbosc left.  Abraham gave a great talk on Non-government ways of paying for cycleways, he is an enthusiastic and charming presenter.  I'll put up a link to the paper when it becomes available. He had a short go on my exotic Bickerton when strolling between conference sessions.  "You should see my other bike", I told him.

Matthew Burke gets animated during a "Transport Debate", a small piece of theatre and lightheartedness amidst mostly serious presentations.

This was one of the possible routes between conference venues, a covered walk-and cycleway atop a breakwater.

Clinton Hoffman from Driveabout showing off his companies amazing ......

phone app which teaches road laws and learner driver information. It is available in 8 aboriginal languages, and aims to decrease barriers to aboriginals getting properly licenced and driving within the law.  Fully 25% of aboriginals in custody in the Northern Territory are there for driving offences, and the phone app is Clinton's attempt to rectify the problem.  The animations included car crashes, graphically demonstrating what happens when you try to overtake a road train doing 90 kph in a (say) crap 1982 Honda Civic.

Herbs growing at the Youth Hostel.

Bike at the place where I went swimming a couple of mornings in row.
Hi, a few more pics of my Bickerton folder on my ATRF conference trip to Darwin.  The presentation of my research on Human Generated Electrical Power went ok! 

Don't want to add too much, except to say that there is fairly laissez-fair helmet wearing in the Northern Territory backed up by some laws with plenty of wriggle room to not wear a helmet. Coincidentally, a facebook post alerted me to this article concerning one of our major cycling organizations attitude to helmet wearing in Victoria moving away from agreeing with helmet compulsion.

My own position on helmet wearing is this - I make my helmets into daggy ensembles including lights, reflective tape, a visor and a mirror which held make me visible, see map instructions, not get sun, wind or rain in my eyes, see behind me and generally function well as a cyclist on my usual recumbent trikes.  That makes my helmet and me daggy or a bit of a Fred.  But for others - make up  your own mind I reckon and it is a bold and welcome move by the Bicycle Netwirk to advocate against our helmet laws.


Steve Nurse at Darwin Airport.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Planes, Trains etc.

Packed & ready to go

Caught up with Lisa and Sarah ............

Airport Bus.

Jetstar terminal before checking in baggage.

Crap photo taken at airport using flash, but....

turn it off,and hey presto this happens.  The long aisles to the departure gates are festooned with ecstatic pics of people on holidays all round the world, and I think I caught one of them in reflection. 

Carrying all my stuff is rather an effort, (my bike bag lacks the 2018-essential wheels) so I used this trolley to transport my stuff to the Airport Novatel where I stayed the first night.

With Bickerton travelling from.....

Airport to town, and finally to

the youth hostel.

Seats on the foreshore.

Ducks? on the foreshore.


Most of the time, the vintage, creaky, venerable, wonky Bickerton bike I own sits on the top of the wardrobe at home crying use me, use me, I still work y'know, and mostly I ignore it, choosing to ride my recumbents instead. But occasionally it gets pulled down, dusted off and ridden on, mostly when I want a very portable bike. 

Three years ago, I visited a transport conference in Sydney, having got there by train, a year ago I used it for transport back from fringe furniture, and this time I am in Darwin, having got here by walking, train, bus, plane, trolley and lastly but not leastly mighty Bickerton. Anyway the pictures tell most of the story.  I bumped into phd students and conference presenters Lisa and Sarah on the airport bus - they were flying out an hour before me.

Best Wishes

Steve Nurse from Darwin YHA and ATRF conference.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Timber Chainguard Part 2

An old tailbox used for research was put to the hammer....

to make the new timber chainguard.....

Velcro had been used to hold the sidepanels on, not really strong enough!
Bottom Panel marked out for new chainguard

Old version used as partial template
My wife Christine painting the new version .....

and it put into place on the bike.....

For drilling mounting holes.

Cutting in 2 with a hacksaw. The electric jigsaw was too harsh and caused parts of the timber to split.
Bracket 1

Bracket 2.

Done, the front part spins, the back part doesn't so the chainguard becomes a changing artwork.
Hi, don't think I need to add many words here.  After a trial run last time, I have now completed an "artwork" timber chainguard for my Victoria separating bike.  I didn't have any loose 4mm ply so harvested timber from an old tailbox which solved 2 problems, the space the tailbox took up and the need for timber! 

Christine painted it, and I spent a fair bit of today attaching it.  I'm not sure it was worth doing but its different!  The front part of the chainguard spins, chainging the picture made by the chainguard as a whole.  And bits don't bump into other bits, a frequent problem with chainguards.  Regards

Steve Nurse

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Ride to Work Day 2018

Ok, it was me.

Lots going on!

Gayle and a helper spruiking on the bikepath, successfully getting riders across to the celebration from the bike path in the middle of busy St. Georges Road.

Popular Ice Cream stall run by Mamoth

Bike tuning by volunteers

Hi, Yesterday was local cycling advocates The Bike Network's Ride to Work Day.  Its been going quite a while, and a few years ago I helped run a stall at RMIT promoting ozhpv as part of a ride to work day.  So this year I volunteered to set up Wecycle and the city of Darebin's ride to work day afternoon celebrations, arriving at about midday to help set up for the event running from 4 - 7 pm.

It all ran well, and I put up posters, moved bikes, made a prize wheel from a bike wheel and a trueing stand, swept, held the fort for a while and generally helped the other volunteers set up, and it was very enjoyable and well attended. Thanks to Gayle Kirsten and the other volunteers for making it a great afternoon.


Steve Nurse

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Convent fete 2018


Yesterday I woke up and remembered that it was the day of the fete at The Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver in Cotham Road.  I ride past their building going to my mum and Dad's place, and had noted the date from the big billboard out the front. When my leaning trike design was brand new 5 years ago I had picked up a great vintage sewing machine there.  So I rang mum and Dad, arranged to visit them at 11 O'clock, and rode over. On the way over I saw: yes, the fete was in full swing, and there was a garage sale just down the road from there.

I visited Mum and Dad (we had been to a funeral in Hamilton a few days before and caught up with some relatives there, so there was a bit to discuss) and help mum with a job in the garage, rescuing a Globite case in the process.  On the way home I stopped at both the garage sale (not much good) and the fete.  The not-quite-so-good-crockery store was a ripper and were selling a small box of items for $5.00. At first I didn't think I needed a boz as I only wanted one or 2 things, but there was enough good stuff there that I opted for the box.

I had to rearrange my tailbox for the trip home and put most of the crockery in the Globite case to make it all fit which resulted in 1 breakage by the time I got home. But my wife Christine was generally delighted. Will add a bit more later.....


Steve Nurse