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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Ride to Work Day 2018

Ok, it was me.

Lots going on!

Gayle and a helper spruiking on the bikepath, successfully getting riders across to the celebration from the bike path in the middle of busy St. Georges Road.

Popular Ice Cream stall run by Mamoth

Bike tuning by volunteers

Hi, Yesterday was local cycling advocates The Bike Network's Ride to Work Day.  Its been going quite a while, and a few years ago I helped run a stall at RMIT promoting ozhpv as part of a ride to work day.  So this year I volunteered to set up Wecycle and the city of Darebin's ride to work day afternoon celebrations, arriving at about midday to help set up for the event running from 4 - 7 pm.

It all ran well, and I put up posters, moved bikes, made a prize wheel from a bike wheel and a trueing stand, swept, held the fort for a while and generally helped the other volunteers set up, and it was very enjoyable and well attended. Thanks to Gayle Kirsten and the other volunteers for making it a great afternoon.


Steve Nurse

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Convent fete 2018


Yesterday I woke up and remembered that it was the day of the fete at The Missionary Sisters of St. Peter Claver in Cotham Road.  I ride past their building going to my mum and Dad's place, and had noted the date from the big billboard out the front. When my leaning trike design was brand new 5 years ago I had picked up a great vintage sewing machine there.  So I rang mum and Dad, arranged to visit them at 11 O'clock, and rode over. On the way over I saw: yes, the fete was in full swing, and there was a garage sale just down the road from there.

I visited Mum and Dad (we had been to a funeral in Hamilton a few days before and caught up with some relatives there, so there was a bit to discuss) and help mum with a job in the garage, rescuing a Globite case in the process.  On the way home I stopped at both the garage sale (not much good) and the fete.  The not-quite-so-good-crockery store was a ripper and were selling a small box of items for $5.00. At first I didn't think I needed a boz as I only wanted one or 2 things, but there was enough good stuff there that I opted for the box.

I had to rearrange my tailbox for the trip home and put most of the crockery in the Globite case to make it all fit which resulted in 1 breakage by the time I got home. But my wife Christine was generally delighted. Will add a bit more later.....


Steve Nurse  

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

New Trike Part 9 bike hack 3741

Pic shows interference between chainguard and steerer.
Hacked aheadset parts (top) allow brake and gear cables to get through, and

....... modified headsetem parts allow it to sit more vertical to avoid chainring interference.

As installed.

And the whole damn thing.

Front frame detail

Separated for transport

Front frame end details, compared with the aluminium trike shown in this post, the front frame is much more compact.

Hi, yesterday I put in some more work on my new trike, and with 2 bike hacks fixed some remaining problems.  As mentioned last time, the steerer bearings were loosening because I had omitted a few aheadset pieces from the steerer assembly to let the cables go through the fork tube.  And I discovered another problem, part of the steerer would hit the new inside chainguard if it was steered too hard.

So a couple of bike hacks were in order, the first was to mod some aheadset parts so cables could go past them, and that worked.  Taking apart the steerer clamp and a bit of grinding of parts fixed the second problem.  The adjustable steerer clamp had to be more vertical than its initial limit to avoid interference with the chainguard, and grinding away bits of 2 parts helped that.

In the afternoon I took the bike for a test rides and rode it again today, no real problems except the bell is a bit loose!

Next time I hope to report on the trike being used in competition in the 2018 Ozhpv challenge in Geelong,


Steve Nurse

Saturday, September 29, 2018

New trike part 8

My wife Christine's......

brother Tom came over.....go West Coast!
Seat refurb.  The part on top is a crushbar stopping the lower part of the seat from destroying itself as provided in the NC routed seat kit I designed.

After a blocky.

Bits of bling and the Aheadset.
Orange bling at the front.


See previous post here

Today, my wife Christine's brother Tom came over and we all watched parts of the AFL grand final.  West Coast played really well, and overtook Collingwood despite Collingwood having a 5 goal lead early on.  I was working on my trikes, refurbing an old-design, heavy but still good tailbox so it can be used on one of my trikes that's on the road at the moment, so I can steal its tailbox to use on the new trike.

I between making the new bike and watching the TV, I was able to print some more orange bling, this time a pair of highlight rings for the front bottom bracket bolts.  There are actually 6 of these bolts, and I hope to bling them all eventually!

Anyway, I had the trike up off the ground, tuned the brakes, then put on the seat and at around 6pm did my first blocky on it.  First impressions were very good but the headset was coming loose and I still need to work on that a bit.

(Continued here)

Rest in Peace my aunt Lorna Baulch, a life well lived.

Best Wishes

Steve Nurse

Friday, September 28, 2018

New trike part 7

Frame and wheels done.

Borrowed seat on board, this was to check the steerer length and height. I was contemplating using the fibreglass seat shown in the foreground as trialled on this speedy version,  but opted against it, and am doing a switcheroo to use one of my own, nc routed timber seat instead.



75mm unicycle cranks for rear wheels.

Custom crankset unmodified.

Setting up to drill and tap the chainring for the extra inside chainguard.

Attaching the extra guard.

Now with added bling.

Anther "custom" chainring on a trike out the front. Suspect these things are breeding in my shed.

Last post here

Hi, Today (day-before-grand-final-day-holiday-in-Melbourne) I have been working on my trike again, gradually wrangling it into a rideable state.  The basics of the frame and forks and wheels are done, and now I'm connecting up the chain and cables, making an extra chainguard for the crankset and organising the seat.  I quite like the clean look of the 165mm "Custom" branded crankset I used for initial setup, and added and inside chain guard to it today by drilling and tapping into the chainring itself and bolting on a guard I found in the shed.  Not content with that, having decided to make orange a feature colour of the trike (reflectors are orange and its the colour in my 3d printer) I blinged out the crankset with some 3d printed orange dots. Because I can.

Continued here.


Steve Nurse

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

New trike part 6

Hi, today's work on the trike included tightening 2 bottom brackets onto the frame, modding the 16" wheels slightly, shortening the wheel pins on the lathe, putting rim tape, tubes and tyres on the 16" wheels, and at the end of the day fitting all the wheels, and scoping how the steerer will fit.

To get the rear cranks, I grabbed parts from the first Fred Bike I made  five years ago and thought I'd take a few pics by way contrast with my current frame.


Steve Nurse

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

New trike part 5

Holesawing main frame, faraway, and


Front frame and orange 3d printed separators and backing plates on rear frame.

Frame all assembed by day....

and by night complete with gaskets and bottom bracket bearings.
YST bottom bracket bearing and fibreglass crush bar inside rear frame.

Hi, here is today's progress on the trike frame.  Yesterday I had mostly finished the front part, and today I did finish it, putting a fibreglass / recycled tent frame crush bar across the inside of the tube so tightening the bottom bracket doesn't crush the aluminium rhs.  I repeated the feature on the main frame as well, and holesawed bearing casting holes in the main frame too.  From an old bike tube I made gaskets for between the 4 bearing castings and the frame.  So the frames all done and ready to take other trike parts.

Will report again soon.


Steve Nurse

Monday, September 24, 2018

New trike part 4

Graham Signorini and my wife Christine last night, amongst the other stuff on the table is the front part of the frame.

First thing this morning I printed this part, a catchplate for the spacer set.

Here are all the spacer parts & catchplates.

front frame profile complete

Cutting rear frame.....

All together, not much more to go on the frame.

Hi, since I wrote last time , I have progressed quite well on the trike frame, finishing the design of and 3d printing a full set of spacers which keep the 2 frame halves apart, cutting the main frame, and fitting the frame halves together.  There is one set of holes to go on the front for a bearing crush bar, and 2 sets on the back for bearings and crush bar. After that its done.

Quite pleased with the results, time will tell whether the reduced front frame size and spacer size will feel wobbly.  More soon, a days work should see the frame and wheels finishesd, the main task after that will be the seat.

Note: older larger versions of the front frame are shown here and here

Continued here

Regards  Steve Nurse