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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Zzipper Fairing Part 3

Inside of bike trainer leg with crush bar

Shortening bike trainer wheels with pipe cutter with

this result. The trainer now suits the 20" bike wheel and means I get a realistic idea of the view over the fairing.  Struts supporting the bottom of the fairing are modified light steel tent pole tubes.
Glueing fibreglass rods into fairing support brackets. These rods help distribute stress into the parts which are home 3d printed.

Mounting bracket and...

fairing support.
A bucket from Bunnings and some handlebar ends from the shed.  Bits of the bucket are now the front of the fairing and the handlebar ends ...

fitted on the handlebars with white nylon bolts to hold the fairing top.
Using a holesaw set to make....

this small piece which covers a hole in the new, longer fairing. Without further modifying the fairing, I can mount a light to this wooden piece.

This set of fairing mounts didn't work as it placed the fairing support right near the pedals, causing interference.
End result after a quick test ride.  Still quite a few things to fix but I'm quite happy.
Another view, plan to go for a longer ride tomorrow.
Hi, this post is mostly pictorial again.  The fairing I received from OzHpv mates  5 or 6 weeks ago is now on a bike and ready for an 80k or so test ride tomorrow. The bike trainer I was using to test the fairing was for 700c bikes, and I cut it down to better sit a 20" and so I could get a realistic idea of my view of the road when testing.  The fairing mounting has been totally home made and the fairing has been extended using parts of a bucket.  Very happy with the results sofar. For a long time I have been aware that my front wheel drive bikes are an aerodynamic mess at the front, and this fairing should fix some of that.


Steve Nurse

Update, July 7: I took the trike for a ride of about 60k today (Mordialloc and back via beach road), with no real problems.  I had to stop a few times to do up screws which attach the fairing but that was to be expected as I hadn't bothered with nyloc nuts, spring washers etc.  I'm fairly out of condition and didn't stop to eat, drink or wee till I got back within a few k of home so was tired, thirsty and hungry when I got in.  Happy with the bikes speed and I overtook a few of the slower Beach road roadies. Didn't take many photos, and the ones I did take were undramatic and out of focus. Here is the best of them showing a screw coming undone!

Update, July 23: From here, the story goes sideways, I used the design of one of the fairing mounts for other purposes. Flick over to my design blog here for details. Trike is ready for a longer ride now, will report progress.  Regards  Steve Nurse

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