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Monday, July 1, 2019

Corflute panels

Panel laid out with clip holders corflute cutouts. Panel was traced from the routed parts.
Using a soldering iron to spot-weld and drill corflute.  This makes small bridges that fold back clips can lock on to. See pics 7 and 8 for results.

After spot welding and drilling, cable ties are added to the bridges to secure them in place.

Lid Hinges Top

Lid Hinges below.  I put in a reinforcing plate.

Lid Hinge
Lid and corflute panels on a trike.

Inside the tailbox, showing the bridges and fold back clips
Lid retainer, these are hair ties or hair elastics from Lyncraft.
Recent donation to Wecycle, a Peugeot Mixte and

a fairly anonymous clunker I worked on.
Corflute tailbox in action.


This post continues on from the recent one about Spacetank where I made a tailbox.  The kit for the box includes plywood panels but while they are very robust, they are a bit heavy.  Never fear!  The panels are held in place by fold back clips and can be replaced by whatever you like.  So the photos show making corflute tailbox sidepanels and a corflute tailbox lid.

Like the Spacetank post, this is reasonably thorough, and out of this build I will be able to document how to make them.  I've included a couple of bikes that are making there way through Wecycle.  I volunteer there Saturday mornings and its a fun way to fix bikes and hang out with nice people.


Steve Nurse

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