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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Support Crew at Darebin


Tim leads Kyle

Fttling and synching the Garmin

Tim and Kyle

Nick and Tim

My trike at Disc.


Today I was expecting to see Tim Corbett from OzHpv at the Darebin Velodrome (disc).  I'd been up there and ridden at an OzHpv day a few weeks ago where I officiated.  Anyway Tim rang and was running late, could I officiate again?  So I rode up to disc in time for the start, but had to wait a while till anyone turned up, and that was Tim and a bit Later Kyle Lierich.  I didn't want to ride so acted as roadie for Tims trikes, helping to change pedals, adjust boom lengths and pump up tyres which was quite enjoyable.  After a while Nick Chau turned up but a "track ready" inspection revealed a huge crack in the welds of his trike with the front part likely to part from the back any tick of the clock, so no riding for him either.

Rode back home before it was all over, and later Tim dropped by and left some OzHpv gear at our place.  Spent some time in the afternoon making wheel discs for my trike and plan to ride to work tomorrow, no real excuses for a 20 degree day with tailwinds on the way home.

All for now, Regards

Steve Nurse

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