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Friday, November 16, 2018

A few commutes


After landing back home from Darwin, I started a new job in Dandenong South a few days later, and I've had 2 weeks of work now. Didn't manage to ride to work in the first week (drove our car), but commuted 2 days by train and bike in the second week.  Getting to work by bike and train is the hardest bit, once you are there you are committed and have to use some form of human power to get home.  It helps that its coming into summer with long days and no real issues with bike lights and visibility.  Its also quite a bit cheaper than driving.  Aside from the petrol use, there are direct tolls on the M3 I use to get to work which are more expensive than the train fare.

Anyway, its all gone well sofar, and I have worked out that 2 hours is about par for getting home on the mostly flat 40 - 44k trip, and it can take 2 1/2 hours.  Anyway, I have a short term fitness goal of getting home from work by bike in under 2 hours.  That might be a bike fettling goal too, I think I can get 2kph faster with rear wheel spoke covers, and maybe 2kph faster with a front fairing. Then add a lighter seat, woohoo! Yes I know, dream on!


Steve Nurse

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