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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Flower of the month for July

Stopping to collect Brassica, or cabbage-type weeds in Studley Park Road, just near the Yarra River

There is masses of the stuff, and its easy to pull out. I am not sure if they appear every year, or this is just the first time I've noticed it.
Some of the weeds I pulled are now in planters at the side of the house.  Instant garden!  Note bike under repair, it was rescued from a hard rubbish pile and is in pretty good nick.

More captive salad leaves in the kitchen.
Of course, once you see and notice a plant once, it seems to be everywhere.  Here is another patch in Royal Park.

In previous posts like this one, I documented a Melbourne "Flower of the Month" but have been a bit slack on that lately, but I'm reviving the series.  And maybe it should be called weed of the month, as my recent involvement with plants has involved edible weeds including Fennel, and this month's Brassica.  Our ex neighbor was Greek and used to pick edible and cookable weeds and plants from the nearby creekside, and a recently acquired book, The Weed Forager's Handbook has rekindled the foraging weed instinct in me. Anyway, enjoy the pictures, and the book is highly recommended!  Regards

Steve Nurse

My trike and more Brassica plants (at left) Other unknown plants (at right)

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