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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Audax Head Tube Badge

Audax bling as head tube badge on Malvern Star Sportstar.
1st try was not quite so successful, this was an attempt to make a brooch or display case mount for the older series of French Audax badges.

2nd go quite a bit better.

RHS, note biopace.


Final badge detail, the 3d printing is not much good at handling stress, and the timber at the sides makes most of the forces on the orange printed parts compressive.

In the Wild #1.....

and #2

For a while I have been accumulating Audax Badges.  These are small pats on the back you can give yourself after finishing a ride and come in French, Australian, and cloth badge varieties with different distances from short (ish) 50k to much longer 600, 1000 and 1200k rides. Every few years the badge style is refreshed, so you can start collecting, or slinging them into a dusty old box all over again.

Anyway, the French enamel badges don't come with any pin on the back, so they can't easily be mounted on a board or worn as a brooch, or even put on display in the pool room .  I decided to do something about that, so about 2 months ago tried scanning one of the badges, tracing over the resulting profile in Autocad, importing that into Solidworks, and then 3d printing it as a mounting plate for the badge.  Unfortunately that attempt came out no good (top photo, a small problem with scale!), and I shelved the idea for a while.

Then, a few weeks ago, more bling arrived by post courtesy of Rober Wikinson's Big Al Rides 200 brevet, and at about the same time as a Malvern Star Sportstar bike frame arrived in my life courtesy of Wecycle.  I was motivated to start again, and did so, and the above photos are the results of both the bike resto and badge mounting.

Here are the relevant details!

Bike: Malvern Star Sportstar frame, fork and seatpost with pieces salvaged from other bikes & my stockpiles, 11-34 6 speed cluster, Shimano 38t biopace single chainring, non-indexing gear shifter, 27" steel wheels, Selle Royale suspension saddle.

Bling: Audax 2016 -2019 French 200k medal, mounted in 3d printed plastic and timber frame, suits 32 diameter head tube.  3d print completed at home on Cetus 3d printer, in orange PLA+ material. 19 x 7mm pine timber.


Steve Nurse

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