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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Timber Delivery


And 2 hours later I am home in Clifton Hill

For a while I have been looking into what my next timber bike will look like and have decided to include some lightweight Pawlonia Timber in the design.  One thing followed another, and I rang a supplier in Mordialloc about getting some.  The timber was a good price, about $30 for the few sticks I wanted, but they couldn't deliver, the long lengths (4m or so ) would be fragile and not able to be carried by most trucking companies.  So I set a time to come down and pick up the timber and today was the day.

I got on the train with the trike near work and then went to Mordialloc and rode the k or 2 to Pawlonia Timber Supplies Australia. The sticks of timber I wanted had been picked out and they were cut into 2m lengths so I could fit them on the trike.  I paid for them, then wandered outside to tape them to the trike and proceed back home.  I didn't pike it this time and rode the 40 (or so) pleasant km back along the bayside roads to home, the bay was very calm and bathed in late Autumn sunshine.  The gaffer tape stayed in one piece and I had no drama carrying the timber home.

 Very pleased with the timber (its very light and fairly solid) and  the service at Pawlonia Timber Supplies, Thanks!

  Till Next time

Steve Nurse

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