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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Fitness Tracker

The latest addition to my digital life, a stand-alone, multi-part (fake) fitness tracking system.
This is the multi-part, stand alone part of the system, the whole thing is three 3d-printed parts which go together to
make up the system which "borrows" a watchband and case from a $2.80 Electro watch from Daiso.
Fun, Fitness, Fashion, all at the same time.  Keep fit and tell the time, all at the same time!

The Background: A few months ago, when I was at the dentist, the hygenist asked me if the yellow thing on my hand was a fitness tracker.  No, I said, just a watch.  But her comment had planted a seed in my mind.  For quite a while I have endured the silly ads for real fitness trackers, which are meant to motivate you to stay fit, but really need constant recharging and enslave you to step, cycle, run or jog and then monitor your progress on some sort of digital device or app or something.  This fake fitness tracker is my modest protest.  When I want to do something to stay fit, I just do it!  At the beginning of the year I decided to walk up the stairs at uni instead of using the lift and have done so ever since.  Maybe even this fake tracker could be used as a reminder to exercise.

V1.0 which was designed to be assembled with screws and a bit of dowel....


The Action: I got bored at Uni and actually started drawing the fake fitness tracker in 3d cad, and drew a similar looking stand-base and a display cuff.  It was printed for me and this became the (orange) V1.0 Stand-alone fitness tracking system.  (see photos above)  When I got home, I put the stand together, filled in the watch text with brown Plasti-Bond and left it for a week or two.  By then, I'd worked out how to improve it a bit, intending for it to be assembled with matches and rubber bands and adding slots where the matchstick could fit in, also adding the watch control buttons and widening the "bandwidth" of the display cuff.  The (blue) V2.0 stand-alone total fitness tracking system is the result.  It has been upgraded and can now display in portrait or landscape mode.

V2.0 was meant to be assembled with matches and rubber bands but I found some small nails near at hand and used them instead of the matches.

In the new blue version, I got off my #&^%$ and drew in fake watch controls.

The Blurb:  "Wonderful fitness tracker.... very lightweight, completely water-proof, never runs out of batteries and it is a total stand-alone fitness system"

What the critics say:  "I wasn't convinced by the V1.0 fake tracker, but the V2.0 is a great advance.  The increased bandwidth, new control system and new display mode are totally, awsomely awsome awsomeness"  by A. Reviewer, Melbourne Techhead Times.


Steve Nurse 

This is the back view of the 4th photo down, how to make a big, long, watch / fake fitness tracker thing.
Update, July 29, 2017.

A file to 3d print the fitness tracker and an updated, almost serious watch stand are now available from my CGtrader webstore here.  These files are free, and a picture of the new fitness tracker and deluxe stand is below. I guess you would call this mk3.0, I am interested in what the reviewer from techhead times will have to say.

Regards  Steve Nurse


  1. ahh where's your like button, I may have to twitter this!!! or I would if I was a twit

  2. This is a cool idea. Can i have one?

    1. Hi Matthew, yes, why not? I don't know where you live so I can't give a full answer but: If you go to and buy a book I will post out a fake fitness tracker with it, this will just be one of the white things that fits inside the watch, you would have to get your own band from Daiso.
      For AUD100 Plus postage you can have everything that's in pic 2, I figure I'm worth $50 an hour and it took me 2 hours to make it. Email me direct, so I can work out the postage if you want to do this,

  3. Sorry, try cesnur(the at symbol) for the email address.

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