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Sunday, December 27, 2015

OzHpv Weekend Days 2 & 3

Outside Pax Hill Scout Camp

Roadside Shop

Coming Into Ballarat

Near Ballarat

Ballarat Gold Museaum

Gold Museum, Simon Watt Snaps Pete Heal while Kate Leeming (in Photo Poster) looks on.

Good on Ya Molly! (Poster in Gold Museum)

Gold Museum
Simon, Ian, Steve and Dom, fairly relaxed at breakfast, Pax Hill.

Graham Signiorini, Strauan Little, Rans X-stream, Holden Commodore

Leaving Pax Hill

Pax Hill Weather Station

Lake Wendouree, any gathering of recumbents will involve........

lengthy discussion on the merits of oval chainrings, carbon fibre, tailboxes and aerodynamics.

Graham, Helen, Simon, Duncan
October 31, November 1, 2015

Hi, this ozhpv event is long gone now but I am just catching up on writing it up, mainly posting photos.  It was a nice weekend, on the Saturday we rode to Clunes and were strung out like Nanna's washing on the way there but were slightly more coherent on the way back.  We had lunch at a nice lakeside restaurant, and then went on to the Gold Museum where a sort of bike fair was winding up outside.  Pete Heal's round Australia bike was on display, and we were treated to a free museum entry and a (woohoo) showbag.  After wandering round the museum it was back to Pax Hill for a much needed rest before (ozhpv supplied) Annual General Meeting and Dinner.  I put my hand up for Ozhpv Newsletter editor and have the job for a year.

Next day it was back to Melbourne.  I rode with the others to Lake Wendouree and then pootled to the station for the trip home.

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