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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ewan & Phe's Wedding



John, Ellen, Nolan,  Joshua

Rehearsal, Noni the Celebrant Front

Jose and Cic on the Dance Floor

Christine, Katie, Helen, Phe, Ewan

Ewan, Phe, Fraser, Jose, Cic



Cic, Me, Fraser, Jose

My son Ewan got married the other day, its not every day this happens and so a blog entry is good to show off to everybody!  Ewan and Phe organised the whole thing themselves and it went very well despite 43 degree C heat.  My brother Richard was well represented by all his children, Cicely, Fraser and Josephine.  Christine and I are parents in law and we welcome Helen and Didier to the same club.

The day of the wedding there were thunderstorms and lightning as well as heat, and the fires started then (10 days ago now) have already burnt out the coastal towns of Wye River and Separation Creek, and are still burning threatening to flare up again it tomorrows 39 degree heat.  Cross fingers everything will be ok.

Steve Nurse  

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