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Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Shopping Trip

While on a shopping trip to Sydney Road I chatted to Darryl who I bump into every now and then.....

 and a lady I didn't know about the trike.

The trike storage compartment.

I haven't done any long rides lately but am doing about 30k most weekdays and the occasional week end ride.  Sydney Road is a popular shopping strip only a few k away on the bike track, and there's an Aldi and an open-Sunday op-shop there, so I'll sometimes ride over there to blow away some cobwebs.  The trike shown is my current daily driver  and is gradually being improved: it started off being a trike as Ilean mk2 but it has a longer history as a recumbent bike.  The latest changes have been to fit a custom steerer which the brake and gear cables run through and new forks with a bosses for front fairing mounts.  Might even build a front fairing for it one day!

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