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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

16" Wheels

One I prepared earlier, 16" wheels on current Vuong trike
Homemade bearing removal tool: the slotted part expands when the tapered part is screwed in to the bearing or its crush tube.

Apropos of not very much, this is part of an ex-Hallmark Jetset bike I used as "tooling"

This is all the stuff stripped from a Trisled 16" wheel, bearing, crush bar, outer sleeve.

Pressing the replacement bearing back in using my (very much unplugged!) drill press.  The bearing needs to be pressed in using the outer race.

Finished!  This is the wheel with a 15mm custom shaft fitted, and ready to be fitted to a pedal to make a Vuong trike wheelset.

I'm still building Vuong trikes and need to get parts for them, unfortuately being a very early adopter means many of them need to be custom or highly modified.  Back wheels included!

The 16" wheels I've been using have been good and I wanted to get some more, but the last set needed seperate purchases of hubs, rims and a quite expensive spoking service, not to mention tyres, tube and rim tape.  This time I've simplified things a bit but there's still a bit to do.  I bought WHF-16-32DB wheels from Trisled after finding that the bearings were 6804's, 32 od x 20 id.  My axles are 15mm OD, so swapping bearings for 6002's would seem to be able to fix things.  And in the end this worked.  Custom wheels made to suit would be a bit cheaper with no need for bearing sleeve, spacer or even disc brake mount.

I have some plans for some improved aerodynamic wheel covers for these wheels, and will post on that when the time comes.

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