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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

iLean mk2 - pocket rocket

Starting the build of the new ilean with some fairly snazzy bits.  The aluminium frame shown here was built for one of my Big at the Front Bikes, and the start of that bike build is detailed here. With a bike using an identical frame, I completed the Murray 1200  (1200km) 4 day Audax ride.
The wood and steel parts at the back hold a bottom bracket shell mounted to the frame.  Here I have varnished the wood (laminated and glued 6mm plywood) and brazed the raw steel bottom bracket to its mounting plate.  The mounting plate has been machined so it is square to the bottom bracket and is in good alignment when mounted on the timber.
All mounted in the frame.  An old bike tube was cut up and with this on either side of the wood, it is a snug fit in the alloy frame.  The adapter is screwed into the frame using the centre 3 holes, and the holes at the end are for knocking the timber adapter out of the frame.
Slightly more routine work, brazing v-brake bosses to each side of the fork. The front derailleur is already mounted on the fork, a while ago I wrote a procedure for this process.


A few weeks ago, I started to build a new ilean trike, and as I write, it is rideable and on the road. 

Do you ever see those cooking shows where the chef (very annoyingly) skips over vast hours spent baking and covering things with cling wrap and leaving it in the fridge by brandishing an almost finished product and saying "Here is one I prepared earlier".  In an ilean trike building sense, I am the same as that annoying chef, I have stuff I prepared earlier, and just use it on my current builds. More will follow shortly!


Steve Nurse

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