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Thursday, February 26, 2015



Over a little while I have been noting a few other Blogs of interest, hope you enjoy these sites as much as I do.

Bentupcyclingjournal is frequently updated and provides information about trikes and trike riding, but I particularly enjoyed this post.  When Rohan Dennis recently broke the UCI Hour cycling world record, it made the press big time but little or no information about the restrictions on bikes is given in most articles. And us recumbent rider types get upset. Bentupcyclingjournal puts the whole argument quite concisely, Thank You. PS The hour world record is held by a highly unlikely speedbike, the rider Francesco Russo is on his back, head forwards and looking up into a mirror to see the road ahead and steer and balance.  But he's one of us guys.

Type Velomobile, Cake, Germany into your search engine and you end up at the wonderful, gentle website of Auntie Helen. Like it a lot.

And lastly, a few months ago, Aiden McHaffie lives in the UK and bought one of my cycling books late last year.  He is building a recumbent trike and here is his blog.  Not so prolific of late but at one stage, he blogged every day for a year.


Steve Nurse

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