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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Phone Age Go Home

Inspiration for this blog post title.

John's Phone with 3d printed Sim Card Tray

Nokia 108: "Connect Share and Play in a Lame-Ass Way"

Christine's rug for Ellen

For several years my wife Christine and I have been miles behind in the Greyhound Race offered up to us in the form of Wonderful Mobile Phones.  For a long time we never had mobile phones because I was mostly at work (where Christine could just ring me on a non-mobile-type phone) .  Then my work changed a bit and I moved around a lot more than previously and so it sort of got inevitable that we should get a mobile phones.  But I got  a John's phone for me, and one for Christine.  This phone is just a phone without calculator, text messaging or camera or any other stuff.

Then Christine thought she might move into the 21st century with a more sophisticated phone with txt msgng and stuff.  We bought a couple of phones including a Nokia 108 Dual Sim.  Somewhere along the way,  I lost the sim card tray for one of the John's Phones, and I ended up using the Nokia.  It does quite a lot of stuff, there's a non scientific calculator, it does txt msgng, it takes movies and photos, its a flashlight and stores lots of phone numbers and maybe 5 years ago would have been the cat's pyjamas, the duck's nuts and the bees knees all rolled into one.  But, y'know, things move rather fast in the phone world these days, just as bikes changed quickly in the 1890's.  And so now, the poor Nokia 180 is a bit lame, usurped all over the place by the smart phone, which is nothing less than a small, location and acceleration aware phone, camera and computer which blows everything else out of the water.   

To cut a long story short, I tried the Nokia 180 for a few days, didn't like it much, drew and 3d printed a replacement sim card for the John's and started using that again yesterday.  In bicycle terms, my phone is like a recently made Fixie (simple but a bit limited) when everyone has a Carbon Fibre Electric assisted bike with heaps of load carrying capacity.  (Like a smart phone it does a lot but is high maintenance). But I like the John's phone. 

Christine has been making a rug for our neice Ellen and has just about finished it.  Well done Chris!

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