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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Wooden Bike to Walwa

Outside a Benella Junk Shop

Corryong Hotel-Motel View

First View of the Upper Murray


Towong Racecourse

Me & the only other Tintaldra resident up on a cold Sunday morning.


Lloyd thaws out in the Walwa shop and cafe.  Note comfortable chairs which can be compared to my bike seat

Road to Cudgewa

A steep hill in Briggs Gap Road
From Briggs Gap Road

Colac Colac Bike Path

Corriong Airport

Leaving Corriong Airport

Bacosh's Emporium, Corryong, a shop changed not that much since the 60's

Last night I got back from a few days in Corryong in Northeast Victoria.  I went up there with Lloyd Charter from Albury and together we checked out a few things as a lead up to an OzHpv race series in the area.  It is in the middle of winter school holidays and a bit cold!  Lloyd and I went for a great 100k ride through Towong to Tintaldra and on to Walwa and saw no other cyclists on the road.  There are plenty of good paved roads and an informative ride guide .  Hills can be avoided or sought out as required but towns with Bakeries and Milk Bars are a bit further apart.  Well worth a week of exploring.

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