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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday VicHpv Ride

Bike Fettling.  These are some bike Ankle reflectors from Daiso, added to my bike as pedal reflectors.
Graham tries Robert Cook's bike

Bike Path, Ivanhoe.  Most of this mob were in our group of 20 or so.

Bike Path, Ivanhoe

With Struan Little, Darebin Path, Graham Signiorini photo

Graham and his mean, evil chopper machine.  Under the t-shirt and shorts and socks, ever square cm of Graham is covered in tattoos.  Honest.
Robert Cook and the mob.


This week I didn't make any mistakes about the start of the bike ride, which went from Ivanhoe out to Eltham and then back along the Darebin Creek Bike Path.  I joined up with Robert Cook and his homemade machine on the way to the start of the ride, which included electric bikes, recumbent bikes, recumbent trikes , upright bikes and Graham Signiorini's chopper bike.  Near the end of the ride we were overtaken by some kids who had motorised  / engined a pushbike and were testing it without a rear tyre, just cruising along on the rim.  Needless to say within a k or so of them passing us, we passed them, busily scratching their heads, the tyreless wheel was no more, just a mess of mangled spoke and rim.  All for now.  Nice to see everyone on the ride.


Steve Nurse

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