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Friday, January 17, 2014

A Sunday Ride

Cheap!  An oversize front wheelset for a Billy Cart at the Reservoir Tip Shop.

Not So Cheap!  $100 for a swingbike at the Reservoir Tip Shop

Darryl checks out my bike at Savers in Sydney Road.

All this stuff fits in the back of the bike.

Last Sunday I intended to join a few others from the VicHpv group on a ride but stuffed things up by not reading the email properly and thinking  the start of the ride was at Malvern (near) and not the actual start point,  Carrum (far).  On getting up on Sunday, looking at and finally confirming the ride start point, I was too late to get to the start point by bike in time.  So I opted for a fairly familiar shopping trip and bike ride through Fairfied, Preston, Thornbury, Reservoir, Carlton, Fitzroy and finally home to Clifton Hill.  Sometimes I see George or Chris or Chook on this ride and often pick up books, videos and shopping along the way. 

So this time I bought some water bottles, books and videos at the tip shop and continued on to Savers in Brunswick,   one of the few op shops I know of that are open on Sunday.  Darryl was there , I reintroduced myself and started a chat with him, he had been at some of the Vichpv rides a few years ago.  Then it was home via Aldi and the Capital City Bike Trail.  The photo at the bottom shows the junk I collected along the way.

I am writing this on a Friday.  There is another Vichpv ride scheduled for Sunday.  I will try not to stuff up getting to the start this time.  But if I do, the Tip Shop / Savers bike ride is always an option for the way home.


Steve Nurse

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