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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Testing the Hollow Beam Bike

A few of the build details...

Of the new bike...

including cable-through handlebars with small stoppers on the ends.
Here is the whole thing after finishing a blocky.

As discussed yesterday, my newest wooden bike was almost finished.  Today is a hot Saturday and this morning I worked on the bike (find, fit and adjust brakes, gearchange lever and derailleur) for a while till I was hot, knackered and hungry.  Then I came in, regathered my strength and have just finished the bike off (found bolts to secure the seat, bolt on the seat) and been around the block, multitool and shifter in hand.  The steerer is still a little bit loose but otherwise I have a bike which is a goer.  It weighs about 16kg but there are a few things still to add, ie corflute box on the back, and seat varnish and padding.

Yesterday, when riding my other wooden recumbent, I was singing and reflecting on the benefits of lightening and hollowing out bicycle beams, (with apologies to Little Feat  )
"Driven every kind of rig that's ever been made,
and ridden the backstreets, so I wooden get weighed"

All for now

Steve Nurse

All for now

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