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Friday, December 20, 2013

Ewan Graduating

Exhibition Building, Melbourne, my son Ewan in gown graduating......
from Biomedical Engineering.
Ewan, Phoebe, Christine waiting outside for the start.
Afterwards, on the way to the Pub

Last Saturday my wife Christine and I took a taxi in to the Royal Exhibition Building to watch my son Ewan graduating with a Masters Degree in Biomedical Engineering.  We were just on time arriving but as we pulled up near the building, we got a phone call from Ewan saying there was a fire evacuation and not to hurry.  We met Ewan and his girlfriend Phoebe out the front and sauntered in when the (smallish) fire was all put out and sorted.

Well a greaduation ceremony is quite an affair and its not at all like receiving exam results by SMS or other abbreviated form of communication.  Oh no.  Upstanding and proper universities have long and formal ceremonies where various University people who have degrees and Masters degrees and even doctorate thingies gather on the stage and confer bits of paper on Graduands and then the Graduands have degrees and Masters degrees and even doctorate thingies.  This involves much wearing of gowns and funny hats, photography, bowing and shaking hands.  Ewan was part of it all.  My photography was a bit remiss, I didn't get up in time to get a good photo of Ewan on the stage.

After the ceromony we went to a pub for lunch.  Congratulations Ewan!


Stephen Nurse

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