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Friday, September 21, 2012

New Bike, New Name, New Flag

New and old Flags and Bike Names

This post is a reprise of an older ones, like this one which has a picture of a bike flag in it and relates to the naming of a bike.  So now I have a new bike whose story starts here.  And while idling away the hours riding it, a name for it started bubbling up through my subconscious.

Last few Names for Bicycles and (TaDaaaaa!) New name.

X15: Named after the Orange Coloured Paint it was painted with. Find it here.

Monarch: Based on the name of a random set of stickers I bought from Abbotsford cycles which started a very young tradition of naming my bikes with words beginning with "Mo", as in "Modular".

Moutarde: Begins with "Mo" and means mustard in French.  Mustard is both something that can be "hot /fast" as (in chilli) and shopped for. It is also a colour, quite close to the colour of the painted wood on my bike.  And any name in French can also be acquainted with "pretentious moron" in Australia.  So I'm going out on a limb here with this name, doing a balancing act, but anyway, long live the Moutarde!

Almost the only purpose for the flag is to promote this website so more people can find about the bike, my book etc. so its possible "" should be a bit more prominent on the flag.

All for now! 

Steve "amateur advertiser" Nurse

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