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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Finishing off the bike & training

At Heyfield, 174k in to the "Gippsland Gambol 300k" 

Moon setting during "recovery ride" the next morning near Sale

Installing a Schlumpf drive.  This is the tool for putting a chamfer in the bottom bracket

A newly installed "about as techo as I get" Speedo

And about 8 3/4 hours later with an extra 200k on the clock.

Over the last few weeks I have been finishing off my recumbent bike by painting the steel bits, fitting a speedo, fitting a drink bottle holder, adding an extra bit to the boot lid, repainting some of the wooden seat assembly, removing the padding under my bum and installing a schlumpf mountain drive.   The bike looks good and goes well which is necessary!
In order to have a ghost of a a chance of finishing the GSR 1000 ride which is 1000 k over 3 days and 3 hours I have been training harder than I ever have.  For these distances, 200 k is just a warm up and 300k a training ride.  More on this later, but here are a few happy snaps!

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