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Monday, June 25, 2012

New Bike on the way Part 8

Finished!  Well, at least rideable

Seat Assembly, part painted
On Friday I received the plywood cut for the seat on and spent some time filing away some of the slot tabs by hand.  The tabs were a bit thick for the slots and it was possible to notice the grain of the wood when filing.  Saturday was spent with angle grinding,  (10 times faster than hand filing but noisy and no noticing of the grain!) painting, assembling and gluing with 5 minute araldite.

 The seat clamps are 3 bolts at the bottom of the seat and they work well. On one side is a 1/4" tee nut drilled through, on the other is a 1/4" tee nut tapped M6 and between them is a 6mm allen screw.

 Overnight on Saturday I dried the seat in the warmth inside and went for a small blocky (2 or 3k) on Sunday morning.  Not much time for more than that as we had a family gathering at our house in the afternoon.  The bike works well but it rides  a little bit high.  I'm fairly sure a new rear triangle or a bit of bike surgery on it will fix that.  Anyway I want to finish the painting on it and enjoy riding it for a while before too much extra work. The photos above can be compared to the cad plan graphic of a few posts ago.  The bit at the back of the cad pic is the yet to be built tailbox.

 Incidentally the seemingly wildly popular Melburn Roubaix had our normally quiet street as part of their itinerary.  There were many bikes and many types of bikes in attendance.  The short video is     here

All for Now

Steve Nurse

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