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Monday, April 30, 2012

New Bike on The Way, Part 3

Brazing on the rear dropouts

Lining up the T-Nuts  /  Pivots on the rear triangle

Only the seat and suspension to go.
Hi  In the last blog post I was just contemplating building the rear triangle on the bike and in this one the whole thing is done.   The top of the triangle is in compression and uses 1/2" tube and the lower part is in tension and uses 10mm tube.  It is all brazed together and it looks like it should all hold together.  Quite please with the result, the frame as shown weighs about 3 kg.

Last week I sent off an email asking for a quote on routing of the timber parts and I've been in touch with the supplier today, the wheels are turning slowly!  Besides the seat, and putting the whole thing together, and the corflute and the cables and the steerer (ok there's still a shedload of things to do) the suspension block is the only thing still to do.  Won't be able to post about this build for a while as I have a work trip coming up but I look forward to finishing the whole damn thing or at least riding it in about a month.

The next posts will probably be about the ozhpv challenge (next weekend) and Thailand (work trip) and then I'll get back to building this bike.  A small amount of research has revealed that Thai Rickshaws and  Laos Rickshaws are called Samlos (a new word for me) but that they are banned in Bangkok where I'm going.  But I still might try to hunt one down.

All for now.



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