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Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Bike on the way, part 2

My Mk1 Moulton

Mk1 Moulton rear Suspension

Using an old rear triangle and lasercut lug to lay out the new bike

Writing about the new bike a few days ago got me motivated to start building, so around my other weekend activities I have been gathering, brazing and cutting bike bits and making good progress.  Between yesterday and today, I've
* Made a new front fork for the bike,
* Pressed in some steerer bearings
* Pressed in the rear suspension bush
* Dismantled one of my bikes to take off the rear triangle
* Used this part to size up how to make a rear wheel mount for the new bike
* Started making the rear wheel mount.

So hear is my advise for making a rear suspension triangle for a bike.

* Have a look at a Moulton Mk1 suspension rear wheel mount, this is how not to do it.  It looks impossibly weak and puny yet some have lasted almost 50 years. Take heart from this!
* The tension bits can be skinnier than the compression bits
* For the most part you can wing it if you've got something else similar already built.

All for now, except to say that I caught up with a few friends at the Abbotsord Cycles Swap meet.  Nice to see John Harland, Ross Harrup, Adrian Cox and especial congratulations to new dad, Thorin Quinn.

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