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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


A recent, inexpensive but slightly dodgy vhs purchase from the Savers op shop.
Before I launch into the Videotastic! blog post I just want to say that the bike I've written about in the last few posts is on the road and doing well. We are down to the fine adjustment and I plan to build a new set of handlebars and paint the bike, so blog posts are not quite over yet.

Now, just because a technology is old and unfashionable doesn't mean it won't work.  Most VHS videos you buy from op shops and garage sales cost from 50c to $2.00 and there is often a wide choice of videos available.  Normally you've paid so little for them that its fine to just give them back to the op shop when you're done with them.  Most videos of Australian movies I will keep.

So now we come to my latest purchase.  The diabetes foundation's Op Shop chain is called "Savers" and they sell videos very cheaply.  A recent find was videos of the 2003 ABC TV series "Love in the Air" which chronicles the history of Australian pop music featuring the likes of Kylie Minogue, John Paul Young, Molly Meldrum and Crowded House with an occasional glimpses of Hunters & Collectors, Deborah Conway and other slightly more hard-assed rock'n'rollers.  Sherbert does Howzat! Norman Gunston does Howzat! Much to like.  Noticable by their absence were AC/DC, Paul Kelly and INXS.

So anyway I get the videos home and open the cases.  Two of the three videos were still in their plastic wrapper but one was the wrong video altogether as per the photos.  Shock and horror! Caveat Emptor!  This reminds me of the old Meatloaf song "Paid $1.47 for three videos but one of them was the wrong bloody video and I was pissed off.  A lot".  Wait, maybe that wasn't the Meatloaf song I was thinking about.  Maybe that wasn't even a song.  Wait, I've got it now.  "Two out of three ain't bad"

Next post will probably be about bikes and not did-not-quite-live-up-to-expectations-but-was-nevertheless-quite-pleased purchases of videos.  Thank God I hear you say.

Best wishes

Steve Nurse

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