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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Spotted in Dandenong

Unidentified Flying Object in Dandenong Part 1
Unidentified Flying Object In Dandenong Part 2
My work takes me between 2 workplaces in the outer Melbourne Suburbs of Rowville and Dandenong, and sometimes I borrow a company car for the drive between the sites.  On Wednesday I happened to have my camera with me and managed to take 1 bad and 1 reasonable photo of this Aero - Dude on a bike.  Must admit I didn't know whether to blog about this one, the first photo is so terrible with the cyclist obscured  by a slightly boring company car.

Now I have worked out that people take photos for a couple of reasons: 1. Pictures record events or objects or people at a particular point in time for posterity and 2. Pictures are taken to look beautiful and to demonstrate the skill of the photographer, or sell a product,  and they're manipulated to a greater or lesser extent to look even more beautiful.  When photographers take photos that both record events and look beautiful they are blessed.  But in my case, I don't have a reputation as a photographer and nothing to protect so I will just publish a crap photo of an interesting subject if I want to. 

If you are looking for much better cycling photos, have a look at the photos on this page of ecovelo and all the photos you get to from all the links, like this one. I will try to take good photos.  But if I don't I will just publish and be dammed.  Because I can.

So back to my photos after all this diversion.  The gentleman in the photo could have chosen the duck-down-and-decrease-frontal-area or ride-a-recumbent methods of reducing wind resistance but has gone his own way with an aerodynamic body extension.  And good on him - we need more varieties of bikes and riders! 

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