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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Winter Surf Prelude 3


End of day, fairing in place

End of day

Training on the boulevarde. This is a new installation of a seat, bike tools, bike stands and sensible ramps for riding between the footpath and road.

At home yesterday, a half bucket in place as the base of a new fairing.

This is the same top prop used for the last fairing, with an

extra prop which hitches onto some extended steering clamps.


Its getting quite close to my Saturday ride so really I have to train, and it doesn't matter whether the bike I'm riding is ready or not. So today I did about 40 hilly k's on the nearby Kew Boulevarde. I tried pumping up my tyres on the new toolset there, but only managed to tear the valve on one of my tyres, resulting in a puncture. Anyway, I found out the pump I carry is crap and doesn't work, I had the wrong size 16" tube but managed to fit it anyway, and the new installation is quite popular.

Back home and I worked during the afternoon putting on a new fairing (I had stacked on the last one, and the mountings were very dodgy). By the end of the day its done, and I only have to connect the lights to be on the road with the bike, and hopefully get a 50 - 60k ride on it tommorrow.

Tonight I found my Garmin and managed to load up Saturday's course, also print the whole route in cue sheet form from a spreadsheet file.

Oh yes, the back wheel on the bike is new, I swapped out one with a dyno for one without, but only after completely replacing the axle and building corflute spoke covers.

Regards  Steve Nurse

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