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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Fixing for Wecycle

Nice Australian designed Apollo with a few interesting parts,

Bartender bar grips and

Prowheel crank.

No cables on the downtube, this is all very neat.

Shortening the seatpost on this

Shogun Metro, the main feature of this bike was the

pentagonal wheel skewer and seatpost bolts.

I swapped out the old rusty steel handlebar for this one whch happened to be a Shogun as well.


A couple of bikes which have passed through my hands for Wecycle, and here are a few pics. I managed to remove the pentagonal allen key bolts on the Shogun, without the pentagonal allen key, not that hard if you apply your mind to it.

Both bikes repaired now, I will take the Shogun back to the Wecycle shed Wednesday.


Steve Nurse

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