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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Bike Seat Part 4

Side panel and some tools.

Ewan took this one.

...... and this one,

and I took this one.

Now it has a wooden lid, woohoo!

Friends Tony and Jen Hazeldine during part of a very quiet New Year's Eve.  Despite looking very relaxed, Tony isn't even drinking, partaking of a cup of tea instead.  


The last few days I have been at Airey's Inlet, catching up on my son Ewan and his friends, and a few other friends, doing a bit of swimming, sleeping and surfing, but also completing a bike seat and blogging, thinking about the year just passed and looking forward to the new one.

The bike seat is coming along well, but it needs a bit of work.  Its in its final form but the holes and slots which keep it together would let in water, so I have bogged them up with Plastibond.  Then comes sanding and a few coats of varnish.  Today my son Ewan was wandering around talking to his wife Phoebe's Grandma Paddy on the phone (about just about everything) for about an hour and a half, and I managed to coralle his services as a photographer.

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