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Friday, April 20, 2018

Big Al Ride Prologue

Route of the Big Al Ride, 117 k, mostly bikepaths. I know most of it but might do some reconnoitring of it during the week so I'm sure.  The near vertical part of the route on the left is what I know least.  
This was the first part of my bike prep.  The sewing on this panel wasn't very good so I removed the corner where a sewing join was and replaced it with a neater couple of pieces including a reflective strip.  Initial work making these is shown in the first photo here.

Cause of my latest seat issues.  12kg of cask wine.  These 4 litre casks cost $9-10.00 each and some bread that I buy is $6.00 a loaf. Anyway, I rolled (pushing not riding) the bike off a 200mm kerb with this lot on board and something went clunk.
This was the damage revealed next morning.  Pieces of timber parted ways top left and bottom right.
Part of the repair, a splint glued and screwed inside the tailbox.


I've signed up for another Audax, Big Al's Ride on April 28 which is about a week away.  Anyway its only about 120k, and I'll record all my training and bike fettling leading up to the ride here.  Sofar it has been a bit of one step forward, one step back, one step forward.  After fixing up and reattaching one of the side panels, my first trip was down to a discount wine seller for several weeks worth of wine.  The local shop (200m away) charges $15 for what is under $10 about 2k away, so the trip is worth it.  But the tailbox wouldn't hack some accidental abuse, so I spent some of today fixing (screwing and gluing) it up.  I'll report an any more rides as the official Audax ride gets closer.  Regards

Steve Nurse.

21 April 2018, Back on the Horse.

Carrying 10 bike racks.....

to the Wecycle shed in Northcote.

Hi.  After leaving the glue to dry on my trike for most of yesterday, it was back on the horse this morning.  I have been trying to tidy up my shed and so had picked up 10 unwanted (and obsolete technology!) bike racks for delivery to the Wecycle cycle shed.  The trike carried the racks just fine, and I spent a few pleasant hours repairing an MTB for Wecycle.  Might try some of the ride route for next week's Audax tomorrow.


Steve Nurse

Update, April 25


Its the Wednesday before the ride now, and I've been on the net, downloaded the route files to my GPS and ridden all of the route to the North and West of where I live so am fairly well prepared now. 

On Sunday I rode along the Capital City trail to the Moonee Ponds Creek Trail, up to the Broadmeadows shops in Fawkner St. , then wound my way back to the turnoff for the second branch of the ride.  Got a bit lost there, but it was time to head back anyway, so I did.  There were a few detours off the bike path due to drainage work and rebuilding, and I let the Audax ride organiser know about them. 

Not content with that bit of exploration, today (Anzac Day public holiday for war remembrance) I went on roads to the end of the other branch, then followed the bike tracks all the way home.  Along the way I spoke to and rode with Graham, at 77 years young he does many km on bike paths and knew the one we were on backwards, putting my knowledge to shame.  In some places there are paths on each side of the path and he knew which side was better and which bridges to use.  He was an ex soil and water engineer and called the Board of Works responsible for some of the cycle path detours the Board of Jerks.  Quite well prepared for the Western part of the ride now, I might do the Eastern bit on Friday.

Steve Nurse

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